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In 1971, I began my first experience building a home at the college I attended. The home was completed on time and on budget and auctioned off that summer and subsequently moved to make room for the next, “project house.” While some of the practices have changed over the years, the principles have not. “Build a quality home with attention to detail and your reputation will sustain you.”

We fill a niche, building homes in Palo Alto and the Silicon Valley. Many of our transactions are direct to buyer and/or seller and at times cooperating with realtors on one or both sides of a transaction.

We build one of a kind custom homes for select clients. We are not the “cheapest,” option you can make, so if budget is an overriding concern, we may not be for you.

Because many of our homes are sold before project completion, please stay in touch and leave any questions/comments you may have below in the contact box, and we can keep you posted about any current or potential future projects.


Services Provided

We’ve been building artisan homes in Palo Alto and Silicon Valley for over 40 years. Our main focus is in building spec homes, most of which sell before project completion.



You the trust that is built upon many local references

• No commissions normally paid by the seller

• No repairs, no reports, no open houses

• Together with the title company we provide all the paperwork

• We can help sellers acquire their next home before the completion of the sale of their old home—creating a smooth transition


Areas Served

Palo Alto and Silicon Valley